News Item: ERSDA 2018 Registration Form for use by 2007's to 2012's
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Sunday 07 January 2018 - 21:13:26

In documents, please find the ERSDA 2018 Registration Form for use by 2007's to 2012's who wish to register with ERSDA this year.
Note that there are now three pages to this form:- Club page  - to be completed by the club for each age group listing the CPO & Secretary.
Team page - to be completed for each team by clubs who have only one team at an age group or, if more than one team, where it is known that each head coach/assistant/first aider are specific to each team. Just repeat the team page for each team.
Additional Coaches page - to be completed for clubs with multiple teams where it is flexible which teams that coaches may oversee. Ideally, clubs should list a coach on each team page and list other coaches on the 'additional' page bearing in mind that, under the 2018 registration criteria (same as 2017), the number of coaches with level 1.2 should equate to one per team, the number of first aiders should equate to one per team and any other coaches should have level 1.1 or a booking confirmation supplied.
Just repeat the team page and additional coaches page as required. 2018 registration criteria will be posted to the website as soon as possible. Applications will only be accepted on the 2018 registration form. SYFA registration is required initially for 2018 for the age groups noted above and SYFA registration is already open.
ERSDA will put on registration meetings in January and February to facilitate this and the dates will be published once they are firmed up. These meetings will also facilitate any PVG's that may be required for SYFA registration especially for 2012's.
Alan Hay/Tommy Millar will also continue to provide ad hoc PVG sessions as required.
Regards, Bob MacDonald, ERSDA Secretary.  

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