News Item: ERSDA PVG night on Tuesday 22nd January, 2019.
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Thursday 17 January 2019 - 21:36:47

ERSDA have Williamwood High School booked again for the next ERSDA PVG night on Tuesday 22nd January, 2019. We have a classroom booked for the PVG’s (new and updates) from 7pm to 8pm. Please contact Alan Hay ( or Lorraine Young ( to confirm your attendance so that we know how many are turning up. This will probably be the last opportunity to submit a PVG to Hampden and receive your certificate back in time before registration closes on 17th February. 

Note that club CPO's may also be in a position to be authorised signatories and sign off PVG's as required. Plus the Glasgow and Paisley leagues have combined PVG nights at Hampden that any coaches can attend (details on their website). It is now SYFA policy that no club official can operate on behalf of a club until they have completed the online wellbeing course and a PVG form or update AND received their PVG certificate from Disclosure Scotland. 

Note that PVG's are not league or club specific so if another league or club has a PVG meeting you can attend those if you let them know.  PVG requirements before attending a PVG meeting:- All officials have to register with SYFA via their online system before attending a PVG meeting. If a PVG form is submitted to Hampden for an official but they have not yet registered then their form will be destroyed.  Club officials completing forms MUST be registered on the SYFA Membership website and those officials must have validated their details in order that their form can be processed. 

Otherwise, those officials will need to complete another form once they are registered with SYFA. Once registered, a coach/official should be able to print off the PVG SYFA Official form (example in coaches documents) which should be completed & signed by the coach/official then countersigned by the club and club CPO. This form MUST be brought on the night duly completed. The league CPO/Alan Hay will sign the 'additional signatory' box once the PVG has been checked on the night.   

When officials are completing forms, the Club ID is acceptable.  They should also put the position that they will be holding within the club or team at E4 on the form but NOT Team Official.  

The following are a list of the positions which are acceptable for SYFA registration:- 
  • Assistant Coach 
  • Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer 
  • Club Helper 
  • Coach (for those with Level 1.2 or above) 
  • Coach Co-ordinator 
  • Digital Media 
  • First Aider (all first aiders MUST be checked against both the adults and children's lists and the applicant must cross both boxes on their form - checker on the night will advise). 
Anyone who is operating at CLUB COMMITTEE level only (i.e. Club Secretary; Chairman/Vice Chairman; Treasurer; Minute Secretary; Club Fundraiser  or Committee Member if that is their only position) are not subject to regulated work and therefore cannot be a member of the PVG Scheme. 

Documents required (photocopied documents are not acceptable):- 
1. Your Birth Certificate or Adoption Certificate or Passport. (If your passport is out of date or has been lost you MUST bring a note of the Passport Number). 
2. Your Driving Licence. (If your Driving Licence is out of date or has been lost you MUST bring a note of the Driving Licence Number). If you do not have a passport or new style driving licence you MUST bring another form of photographic identity.    
3. A note of your National Insurance Number. 
4. Utility Bill or Bank Statement or other proof of your current address. (must be less than 3 months old).
5. Your address history including postcode for last 5 years plus 'resident from' dates. 
6. A note of any previous or current PVG Membership Number (number with 16 digits on left of certificate). If you are unsure whether you are a member of the PVG Scheme, then please call the Disclosure Scotland helpdesk on 03000 0200 040. You will need your date of birth and mother's maiden name. 
If you do not have a passport or new style driving licence you MUST bring another form of photographic identity. NB If you do not bring the required documents your PVG Application Form WILL NOT be submitted.  Please also bring A BLACK OR BLUE INK PEN. 

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